Charge for access to your repository

Bill your customers to access your code. Once-off or monthly.

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Shopfront for customers

Allow your customers to signup or unsubscribe from your repo at any time.

Give read-only git, zip & tar

Your customers will automatically have access to your product in multiple ways.

Keep your repo private

Your Github repo stays private. Customers only have access to mirrored read-only repo.

Send Notifications

Every time you have a new release you can notify your customers to download the latest version.

Bill customers monthly

Bill customers to access your repo once-off or every month. No revenue sharing.

Securely mirrored repo

We keep your repo secure. No need to worry about not getting compensated for your work.

How does it work?

Give your customers read-only git, zip & tar access.
Get paid monthly straight to your stripe account.

1. We securely mirror your Github repo
2. Your Github repo stays private & untouched
3. Your customers are billed monthly or once-off
4. They get access to your digital product

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